Stress-free dental extractions with precision, specialty surgical care

“Extraction” in the dental world simply refers to removing a tooth. There are many reasons why a tooth may be removed. General dentists largely partner with patients to preserve natural teeth. Sometimes, a badly damaged tooth can present a threat to the health of the rest of the mouth and even the rest of the “system” (body). These dentists often turn to specialists like the Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery team in Post Falls, Idaho, and Spokane Valley, Washington. Our surgeons, Dr. Bryan McLelland,  and Dr. Brenen Olsen, lend considerable expertise in treating conditions affecting patients’ mouth, jaws, and face. And we also want to be your first choice for oral and maxillofacial surgery in the Inland Northwest. 

Candidates for tooth removal 

Generally, root canal therapy is considered the last resort to “save” a severely damaged or badly decayed tooth. Not all teeth are good candidates for nonsurgical root canal therapy. These teeth may be beyond repair. Some root canal-treated teeth may fail, and retreatment or other endodontic procedures to resolve damage at the tooth’s center may fall short of removing the infection and preserving the natural tooth. 

Sometimes, trauma to the tooth resulting from accidents or injuries to the mouth during sports can be irreparable. The tooth may not be appropriate for therapeutic procedures if it sustains some fractures that damage the roots or nerves. Conditions such as severe infections or abscesses may be accompanied by persistent painful toothaches and require emergency treatment. Without treatment, these infections can spread to other areas of the face and body. Systemic infections are a medical emergency. 

Removal of impacted wisdom teeth represents a common type of dental extraction. These third molars are generally the last teeth to develop in your mouth. They usually try to surface during a patient’s late teens or early adulthood (that phase when individuals are “gaining wisdom”). The problem with these teeth is that, by the time they attempt to erupt, there is little to no room left for them in the mouth to do so correctly. In turn, they may become impacted or partially or fully trapped under the gums or gums and bone. Since these teeth are vestigial structures that are unnecessary for healthy function, our specialists may recommend removal. We like to monitor the development of these teeth and make recommendations for removal before they cause intense pain and other life-altering symptoms or complications.

Seek prompt, specialty care 

There is no reason to “sit” on potential concerns. We use precision diagnostics and treatment technologies to remove teeth comfortably, predictably, and fast. Depending on if your tooth remains intact and is easy to access, our doctors may be able to loosen and lift the tooth from its socket gently. Badly broken or impacted teeth essentially require surgical extraction, but these procedures are also well-tolerated with pain-relieving medications and relaxing sedative options. We also provide detailed and clear instructions on preparing for treatment and how to care for the extraction site following your appointment. 

Call Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery Post Falls practice at (208) 264-4665 or our Spokane Valley practice at (509) 822-2774 without delay. We look forward to restoring your comfortable, happy, and healthy smile.