Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with Kybella

A double chin can be incredibly stubborn and hard to get rid of. Even if you exercise daily and follow a healthy diet, you could still find it impossible to get rid of this extra fat underneath your chin. You may feel hopeless, but you don’t have to. Spokane Valley, Wahington area patients who visit Liberty Oral and Facial Surgery can meet our team, who will tell you all about Kybella. This injectable treatment could have you saying goodbye to your double chin in as little as six months. Kybella is a simple, non-surgical option that produces results our patients are raving about.

A Kybella injection works differently from other, more recognizable injectables like Juvederm or Botox. Kybella breaks down the stubborn fat cells beneath your chin, changing your appearance and eliminating that undesired double chin for good.

Kybella Treatment for Double Chin

The active ingredient in a Kybella injection is deoxycholic acid. This is a molecule that occurs naturally in your body and is responsible for destroying fat cells and encouraging the body to absorb them. This is one reason Kybella injections are so successful. Once your Kybella treatment is complete, you can expect long-term results, and, in many cases, there’s no need for future treatments.

Submental fullness (fat retention under the chin) is a problem that can be difficult to address because it can often be resistant to typical weight loss measures. Double chins are something both men and women can develop, which is typically caused by several factors, including weight gain, genetics, and aging.

Kybella can be the difference. In just two to four treatments, our patients see a noticeable reduction in their double chin. In some cases, it may require up to six treatments spaced out a month apart. While there are some possible minor side effects associated with Kybella, including minor discomfort, bruising, or swelling at the injection site, patients should be able to resume their normal daily activities immediately following treatment. Over the following weeks after treatment, you will begin to see results that last.

Find Out If Kybella Is Right for You

Drs. McLelland and Olsen will discuss your medical history and any existing conditions prior to approving the Kybella treatment.

If you are curious about Kybella, you can learn more by scheduling an appointment with our team. Please call our Spokane Valley office at (509) 822-2774 or our Post Falls office at (208) 264-4665.

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