Corrective jaw surgeries support a healthy balance and an attractive appearance

Dentists from throughout the Inland Northwest turn to Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery in Spokane Valley, Washington, and Post Falls, Idaho. They trust their patients to our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Drs Bryan McLelland and Brenen Olsen. As OMS or OMFS specialists, they have the advanced knowledge, experience, and technologies to repair or reconstruct a wide range of conditions that affect the structure, function, and health of the mouth, face, and jaws. 

Corrective jaw surgery is also known as “orthognathic” surgery. What’s in a name? Well, “ortho” refers to “straight,” and “gnathic” refers to jaws, which pretty much sums up the goal of these treatments. Our specialists may recommend orthognathic surgery to correct jaw-related imbalances. Irregularities such as misalignment (known as malocclusion or “bad bite”) are associated with many symptoms that can affect the quality of your life. 

Your jaw, after all, is responsible for many functions. It supports proper speech, “bite,” chewing efficiency, and healthy breathing. The jaws also contribute heavily to your facial shape, definition, and overall appearance. Injuries or other trauma may be to blame for jaw misalignment, or you may have been born with such imbalances. Regardless, there are several benefits associated with undergoing corrective jaw surgery. We’ve listed some of the benefits of these surgical techniques. Also, some of the conditions and symptoms noted below may indicate that you can benefit from our expertise.

  • Improved biting, chewing, swallowing, and speech
  • Decreased risk of wear and tear to the teeth, and fractures 
  • Enhanced facial symmetry 
  • Relief from TMJ symptoms (such as chronic headaches, jaw stiffness)
  • Relief from jaw pain
  • Improved breathing function among patients with sleep apnea 

Depending on your needs, our doctors may recommend procedures to correct an “open bite,” a protruding lower jaw, or the opposite – a receding jaw (or “weak chin”). The former treatment involves precisely reducing the upper jaw. In turn, the jaw is repositioned. So, the mouth closes comfortably and well when the patient bites down. The bite is no longer “open,” as the front teeth can now touch. 

The latter treatments involve expertly repositioning the jaws by altering their structure. A pronounced lower jaw can be modified and shifted back to achieve a more balanced profile and alignment. Likewise, modifications to receding jaws bring the chin forward. Accordingly, we correct a poorly-defined jawline and misalignment.

At Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery, our patients benefit from both our experience in highly specialized disciplines, as well as our nifty “tools.” These include digital technologies that allow our doctors to simulate the surgery virtually. We can show you exactly how your jaws and face will look afterward. These capabilities also facilitate patients’ ability to make well-informed decisions about their treatment. You, as a patient, can visualize how our procedures correct malocclusion and the related conditions that require jaw surgery. Call our Post Falls office at (208) 264-4665 or our Spokane Valley office at (509) 822-2774 to schedule your appointment today.