Restore lost bone or soft tissue with precision grafting procedures

Oral health isn’t “just” about healthy teeth and gums. The supporting bone must retain its strength. After all, both hard and soft tissues rely on the bone in the jaw that surrounds and encases the teeth and gums. Fortunately, if the bone has deteriorated due to conditions such as tooth loss, at Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery in Spokane Valley, Washington and Post Falls, Idaho, we can rebuild that tissue. We do so with a variety of grafting techniques. 

Also, grafting procedures are not limited to treating bone. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Drs Bryan McLelland and Brenen Olsen, also restore the soft tissues vital to the teeth and mouth’s structure, function, and health. As an OMS or OMFS, our specialists have the advanced training and knowledge of oral anatomy, function, and surgical techniques to safely and predictably augment, reshape, and otherwise restore these tissues. Likewise, our specialty center has invested in precision technologies that support safety, comfort, and optimal treatment outcomes. 

Bone grafting

“Grafting” refers to the process of taking bone from one part of a person’s body and transferring it to the treatment site in the mouth, face, or jaw. When autologous tissue from the patient’s body is used, it is derived from areas with good bone quality or volume (such as the lower jawbone, front or rear hip, or tibia). The bone graft may also be obtained from another human, animal, or synthetic source. 

The idea is to use these materials to shape, build, and encourage the regrowth of bony tissue. We may introduce advanced materials to promote healing and protect the site. The length and nature of the healing process depend on several factors, including your overall health and the locations of the donor and recipient tissues. 

Generally, you may be a good candidate for a bone graft procedure if: 

  • You have sustained bone loss in the jaw due to missing teeth. 
  • The jawbone must be “prepared” for dental implants, which are placed in the jaw and designed to function like tooth roots. Healthy, strong bone is required to support implants and reduce the risk of implant failures.
  • You sustained facial trauma or injury as the result of an accident.
  • Reconstructive treatment is required following the removal of a cyst, tumor, or other growths. 

Soft tissue procedures 

Grafts to rebuild soft tissues may also be sourced from another part of your body, such as nearby gum tissue or the palate (roof of the mouth). These grafts are commonly used to rebuild gummy tissue among those patients who are being fitted for dentures. Additionally, the need for more gum tissue may be apparent among patients with advanced gum disease or other trauma to the gums. While not as common as gum grafting, other soft tissues may also be augmented (including the floor of the mouth and the cheeks). 

Patients and other dentists alike from throughout the Inland Northwest trust our specialists’ extraordinary level of skill and focus on exceptional care. You deserve not only optimal results from our treatments but also a comfortable experience throughout the process of restoring oral health, facial structure, and healthy function. 

We welcome your questions and encourage you to schedule an appointment. Please call (208) 264-4665 (Post Falls) or (509) 822-2774 (Spokane Valley).