Our surgical specialists treat facial trauma with sensitivity and the utmost skill

At Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery, we empathize with our patients in Post Falls, Idaho, and Spokane Valley, Washington, in that we are sensitive to the fact that injuries or trauma to the face can be particularly devastating. You can’t easily “hide” your face, and why should you feel that way? You deserve to put your confident face forward again and as quickly as possible. 

Likewise, as specialists in surgical treatment to resolve trauma to the face, mouth, and jaws, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Drs Bryan McLelland and Brenen Olsen, appreciate that healthy facial bone and tissues are vital to the basic functions, which support your overall wellbeing and quality of life. When injuries are addressed effectively, you no longer feel like your life has been put on “pause.”

Of course, the treatment techniques that we recommend are as varied as the types of trauma and injuries that can occur to the oral cavity and interconnected structures of the face and head. For instance, injuries to the teeth can occur due to contact with objects or people during sports. For this reason, the dentists that refer patients to us and partner with our surgeons may recommend custom mouthguards to protect the teeth and other oral tissues from damage among those patients who are competitive athletes. With advanced knowledge, experience, diagnostics, and treatment technologies, our surgical specialists are also in the best possible position to successfully “re-root” knocked-out or avulsed teeth or preserve teeth that are badly fractured or broken due to traumatic injuries. 

Using precision techniques and technologies that account for your unique needs and anatomy, our doctors are also equipped to skillfully, promptly, and safely resolve a range of injuries not limited to: 

  • Fractured upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible)
  • Cheekbone fractures 
  • Fractures to the nasal bones 
  • Breaks affecting the bones in the eye socket, palate
  • Lacerations or cuts that damage soft tissues

Fundamentally, trauma to the facial bones is treated similarly to how other types of broken bones are treated – with reducing or lining up the parts of the affected bones and then “fixating” or holding them in place. As the bones are fixated, they heal over time. Again, the specific details associated with treatment vary extensively from patient to patient due to factors such as the nature of the injury, its location, and the extent of the injury. Rest assured, though, that your procedure is in excellent hands with a team that specializes in surgical intervention, including complex oral and maxillofacial cases. 

Our team is also sensitive to the overall unique nature of facial trauma. The causes of these injuries can themselves be traumatic to the patient. Surviving serious car accidents, for instance, are life-altering events. We are well aware of this and consider it a great privilege to get you back to living your life to the fullest again. We encourage area dentists and our future patients to contact us – call (208) 264-4665 for our Post Falls office, or (509) 822-2774, to reach our Spokane Valley practice team.