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If you do something a lot, you tend to get really good at it. When consistent “practice” blends with considerable knowledge in given disciplines, there is no limit to what highly-trained professionals can achieve for the patient’s good.

Drs Bryan McLelland and Brenen Olsen are specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Not every dentist is qualified to specialize in one of a dozen areas. Of the 110,000-plus “general” dentists in the U.S., around 7,500 are certified as “oral and maxillofacial surgeons” – fewer than 4%! Our specialists at Liberty Oral and Facial Surgery in Spokane Valley, Washington, and Post Falls, Idaho, provide advanced care to patients throughout the Inland Northwest. We are also privileged to have so many top-notch dentists from our region refer their valued patients to us. They trust us, and peer-to-peer referrals are incredibly rewarding and humbling.

The specialist difference

To attain certification as specialists, Drs McLelland and Olsen each completed at least four years of rigorous residency training after dental school at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, and Henry M. Golden School of Dental Medicine at Boston University, respectively. Patients have peace of mind that our team has demonstrated the technical expertise to diagnose, manage, and treat the mouth (oral cavity) and jaws and face (maxillofacial) conditions safely, predictably, and optimally.

In addition, while general dentists primarily have the onsite capabilities to perform minor surgical procedures, they are not equipped to skillfully administer advanced or complex surgeries, which span the entire face structure. Our surgeons commonly perform many sophisticated treatments, including:

  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Extractions of any teeth, not just those that are visible and largely intact above the gum line
  • Strategic, precision placement of dental implants designed to support prosthetic teeth (such as dentures)
  • Pre-implant procedures to build bone in areas that have sustained bone loss; for instance, a sinus augmentation
  • Jaw surgeries to correct deficiencies, bite imbalances, and other conditions

Our surgeons’ substantive training and exceptional track record of successful treatment outcomes and satisfied patients are complemented by leading technologies. As you’ll see on this website, we use the latest software and equipment to visualize your treatment, which informs precise, effective, and efficient treatment and speedy healing.

Furthermore, our practice balances such skill and technological investments with a warm and inviting environment. We want to be your family’s “home” for advanced care, and that requires designing a practice with amenities and surroundings that are welcoming and put you at ease. Moreover, our team is truly our greatest asset. They take pride in quickly making patients feel like “family.” 

We could go on and on about what makes us different and why so many dentists and families have made Liberty Oral & Facial Surgery their “first choice” for oral surgery in the Inland Northwest. However, we encourage you to get to know us for yourself! Contact our Post Falls practice at (208) 264-4665 or our Spokane Valley practice at (509) 822-2774.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Cutting edge technology

Our team utilize modern dental technology to provide our patients with precise comfortable, high-quality dental care to meet your oral health needs.

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Each team member was chosen based on their outstanding skill, strengths and traits. Our team builds on each persons strengths to create an overall experience that is tough to put into words. Come in and meet the team and experience professionals in flow.